Our Chardonnay Trail is always an absolutely delightful outing featuring one of Oregon’s favorite varietals. The New York Times highlights that Chardonnay in Oregon is an “excellent” product of our winemakers, reflecting the experience that this trail offers. With the Evenstad Reserve Chardonnay by Domaine Serene the #1 white wine in the world according to Wine Spectator, it’s something no self-proclaimed wino will want to miss.

Lovers of white wine always hold a deep appreciation for Chardonnay. And while this route will please your palate, it goes several steps further by offering stunning views and a quaint place to sit outside and relax. Whether you enjoy great wine from large producers or the care that goes into wines crafted by small local winemakers, Durant also offers an excellent lunch spot with Antipasto and Garden platters that feature their very own Olive Oil. Platters can be pre-purchased with your shuttle passes online.

All preferences are covered on the Chardonnay Trail. So regardless of whether you’re into attending a tasting in the magnificent dining room at Domaine Serene or would prefer to admire the sprawling Willamette Valley views from an Adirondack chair at Durant, each location on the Chardonnay Trail has something unique and delightful to offer.


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