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Wait, I don't get it, how does this work?

We are trying to make wine tasting and discovery easy, safe and affordable. We created a carefully curated route of  wineries in a region, and we have a couple of shuttles constantly running our route.

In the morning, we bring guests from our pick-up points to the route, and after a quick welcome talk our guests simply hop-0ff at the winery of their choosing. Guests then enjoy the winery at their own pace, and then hop-on the shuttle to continue to the next winery they've chosen to visit. Rinse and repeat, as many or few times as your heart desires until the end of the day.

At the end of the day, we send out a last call so that our guests start getting ready to board the last shuttle to our first stop. Once everybody has gotten their bottles back (we provide wine bottle check-in throughout the day, so you don't need to carry your purchases around!), guests transfer to the shuttle that takes them back to the same location they were picked-up in the morning...and ta-daa! Your heart is happy, and you've contributed to the growth of multiple local wineries.

Ohh...I see. Do I need to make a plan in advance or can I just decide during the day?

The beauty of our service is that you can just be spontaneous. You can come with an idea of the wineries you want to visit, and then do as you feel. And if a winery is not what you wanted, you can simply hop on the next shuttle and move on - we stop at every winery every 30-40 minutes.

We've summarized the most important characteristics of the wineries on our route with our Winery Cards, and we make it easy to get to their own sites if you need more information.

Great, I see the wineries but I have no idea where to start! Can you suggest some wineries?

Of course, we have put together some suggestions if you need ideas - we call them Trails. In any case, we can assure you whichever wineries you pick you won't be missing out.

Every winery on our route is there for a reason, see "What to look for" section on the Winery cards. We have guests that have done our route multiple times, and they do something different every time.

What happens if I purchase wine during the day?

Lucky you! We’ll tag your bottles and hold them until the end of the day. No need to carry your purchases. Keep those hands free for tasting.

We store it safely until the end of the day. Then all purchases will be handed back to you, as we rally everybody back at our Hub (the first stop on our route), prior to departing back to the pickup location you came from.

Is there food on the route?

Yes, and it's a good item to plan ahead! A couple of options to order food:

  • Order from Durant Vineyards as you book your tickets. Their options show as "extras" during our booking process, and they'll have your food ready between 12:30pm-2:30pm.
  • Dine-in at Babica Hen, a wonderful local restaurant located at the first stop.
  • Bring your own! A number of wineries on the route allow guests to bring food from outside and have really nice picnic spots. Once you are done, you can check in your picnic set with our drivers for storage until the end of the day. We only ask all your utensils can be packed in a convenient way to make it easy for everybody.

How do I get on the shuttle?

In order to ride the shuttle you must book your pass online for your chosen date and pickup location. The pickup spot address will be on your ticket. All pickup locations are in parking friendly areas - Portland Downtown has metered parking available, so you may be better off getting there via Uber/Lyft or public transportation.

If your chosen pickup location is not available, it means the passes are sold out for that day.

Do you accommodate groups?

We love groups!

  1. Groups of 6 or less: NW Wine Shuttle day passes are the most efficient and affordable option.
  2. Group of 7 or more: We offer NWWS Custom Experiences. This option includes a private shuttle that will pick up the group at a single location of their choosing (between Portland metro area - McMinnville), accommodate the group from tasting room-to-tasting room, and take the group back at the end of the day. We’ll make the tasting room reservations for you as a complimentary service. Choose from our route, ask for suggestions or visit one of the other magnificent AVAs, and we’ll make reservations at up to 3 wineries and help manage your itinerary. Pricing is ~$85/hr. See details here.

Can I visit a winery not on the route?

Our shuttles stick to our route and stops. We have curated a route that is perfect for hop-on, hop-off. It has something for everyone from views, varietals, and unique tasting rooms, and has the perfect proximity to provide this type of experience. If you want to make your way to a different winery not in our route, you can but know that the shuttle won't take you or pick you up from there.

What if I want to get off early?

In that case, you’ll want to choose Dundee as your pickup location. Then simply hop-on the shuttle and ride it back to the Inn at Red Hills. For all other locations, we head back at the end of the day, around 5:15pm. So you are stuck with us, unless you decide you've had enough and secure your own transportation back. Just let us know.

What happens if I have to cancel?

We know things happen, so we will fully refund you with 48 hours advanced notice. If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled pass, we will transfer your booking to a gift card. Gift cards must be used that season (May-November).

Alright! What other tips you have for a great day of tasting?

  • Eat a good breakfast
  • 3 wineries is a great day of tasting. Drink responsibly, and give each tasting room the time it deserves.
  • Plan your food. Babica Hen Cafe is a great place to dine-in, or order plates to-go. Order from Durant or bring your own!
  • We can hold your wine until the end of the day. We will tag your purchases and store them securely.
  • Most wineries on route will waive tasting fees with wine purchases.
  • Uber and taxi services are limited in Dundee, so plan accordingly to get home responsibly.
  • Check out our lodging partners! We have special deals with select Bed 'n Breakfasts in the area, so we will pick you up from their lobbies - it doesn't get any more convenient than that. Stay at the Inn at Red Hills or enjoy nearby accommodations in Newberg and McMinnville.
  • Stay hydrated! We always have water on the bus.

I have a walker and wondered if you would be able to accommodate it?

Yes. Our shuttles are able to accommodate walkers, and are ADA compliant.

Can I bring a minor with us?

For sure! Some of our guests even bring their babies, and it's totally fine. We do not allow drinking aboard the shuttle and, while some days are louder than others, our vibe is of relaxed enjoyment.  We can stow strollers in the shuttle. Have in mind that everybody over 2 years old will need a seat and must purchase a pass.