So whether you’re looking for the perfect scenic place or a winery to supply the views and the wine, a great picnic is always ideal for a day or relaxation. And who doesn’t love the majestic views of the Willamette Valley?

That’s precisely why we’ve come up with this list of the best places to picnic in Oregon’s wine country. Make sure to check out and experience all that these locations have to offer. And if you’re not picnicking at a winery, don’t forget to bring your own bottle.

Willamette Mission State Park

Willamette Mission State Park

Located in the heart of Willamette Valley’s wine country, Willamette Mission State Park is a breathtakingly gorgeous 1,600 acres of woodlands and wetlands containing stunning meadows and working farmland. Avid birdwatchers come out here along the Willamette River to enjoy the perfect picnic environment under the share of walnut or filbert trees. For anyone looking for activities, this park seemingly has it all. While visiting, you can enjoy their bike paths, horse trails, self-guided education trail, a jogging loop, fun on the lakes, hiking, camping, and three reservable picnicking sites just in case you’re planning a large group picnic.

Photo Credit: Amanda Bywaters, Winter's Hill

Winter’s Hill

Winter’s Hill is situated overlooking the coastal mountains of the Willamette Valley. They’re offering a vineyard walk paired with a picnic, during which they have a wine tasting in their winery and vineyards. You’ll get the opportunity to meet and greet the soil and vines providing the deliciousness you’re sipping on during your stay, making this an experience any wino will enjoy. Red Hills Market is providing the picnic lunches, so make sure to make your reservations before you go.

Arcane Cellars Arial View

Arcane Cellars

Located just across the river from Willamette Mission State Park and the Wheatland Ferry, this family-owned winery is known for their small-batch Oregon wine. Their tasting room is a covered patio area, and they also offer picnic areas for guests who’d prefer to drink in the incredible views with their wine. While their hours are limited, Arcane Cellars is one of the best places to picnic in the Willamette Valley with stunning views and tasty wines. Guests even have the option to camp at this winery, making it an all-around incredible experience.

Patio Dominio IV Vineyard

Dominio IV

Dominio IV is a lovely vineyard with a tasting room inside of a charming 1916 farmhouse. The family-grown wines they’re offering are the epitome of Oregon’s wine country, and what’s more is this cozy, friendly place has a nice covered area that’s perfect for a picnic. With the fresh air and stunning old farm setting, this vineyard is a must-visit when you’re in the Willamette Valley looking for a place to enjoy lunch outside.