When you and your friends book passes in September

Use Code HARVEST19

We'll donate $5 to ¡Salud!


you'll each get 20% off passes booked for the 2019 Season.

As a new and innovative business in Oregon’s Wine Country, one of our goals is to develop a business that adds value to the people of the Willamette Valley.

In the spirit of 2019 harvest, for all passes booked in September with the code HARVEST19, we’ll donate $5 to ¡Salud!, which is an organization that provides healthcare benefits to Oregon’s vineyard workers.

Cheers! Kim
CEO, Co-Founder


With the annual harvest kicking off, wine-lovers from all over the world will be flying into Oregon’s wine regions for a first-hand experience during this active time of year. For those of you planning your trip to Oregon’s wine country for harvest, we wanted to keep you informed about some of the unique benefits from Alaska Airlines, and experiences to keep in mind as you finalize your plans.

We’re excited to share this harvest season with you, so make sure to check out our latest article to learn more about what harvest means in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.


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